Simple Living

3 May, 2013


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You’d think with all the great technology and gadgetry available today, we’d have more time to enjoy life. After all, aren’t cell phones, leaf blowers, cappuccino makers, and computers supposed to make our lives more convenient? In theory, they sound like time savers. But somehow, they just seem to create the need to “do” more, and they often make our lives more complex.What would happen if you put away these time savers for a weekend? Imagine two days without the blaring ring of your cell phone. Imagine raking leaves by hand, enjoying the sounds of crispy leaves and nature sans the roar of the leaf blower. Imagine warming water for a cup of simple herbal tea, rather than dragging out that huge coffee-making contraption. Imagine reading your favorite book cuddled on the couch rather than hunched over your computer. Living simply sounds inviting and compelling!

By paring life down to its essentials — the things, activities, and relationships you either truly need or genuinely cherish, you unburden your life and live with fewer distractions. When you live simply, you determine what is important, or enough, for you, and discard the rest.

Millions of Americans are consciously practicing this “new” way of living. Reasons to move away from complexity and over-abundance and toward simplicity vary. Some people want to save money, eliminating their debt and living within their means. Others want to help the environment by reducing and reusing things rather than purchasing more stuff. Others simplify to find more time — less stuff to maintain means more time for family, friends, and hobbies. Some see it as a spiritual journey.  Others view it as a way to reject consumerism or embrace social justice. No matter what the reasons, simplifying your life makes simple sense. Research shows that the more people fill their lives with things, the more empty they feel. Give simple living a try instead and discover its life-changing benefits.

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