Photo Management


Photo Management

Share Your Memories!

While some homes may boast shelves of orderly photo albums and framed pictures, most families find themselves with photos and negatives stuffed into boxes, photo CDs and memory sticks tucked away in drawers and computers overloaded with thousands of images. Red Button Organizing can help with your photo management by getting your keepsakes and image library in order. Your photos will be easily findable, accessible and protected.

You’ll also develop the skills you need to create albums of stories and theme-based organizing systems to manage your photos on your own. If photo organizing has been on your to-do list forever, or you are just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of images, contact us! Red Button Organizing serves clients across Greater Philadelphia and Bucks Country.

Custom Photo Organizing for Print and Digital

Putting Memories At Your Fingertips

  • Photo Organizing of Print and Digital Photos
  • Slide and Negative Organization and Preservation
  • Custom-Tailored Photo Management Systems
  • Storage and Photo Display Solutions
  • Digital Backup Services
  • Photo Scanning
  • Digital Basics
  • Photo Organizing Training
Photo Organizing

The Red Button Promise

Photos are precious memories of the milestones of our life – births, graduations, vacations, fun with friends and family gatherings. To give you complete peace of mind that your keepsakes are treated with the utmost respect, Red Button Organizing pledges to:

  • Adhere to the NAPO Code of Ethics
  • Approach every job in a confidential, non-judgmental and supportive manner
  • Deliver hands-on involvement throughout the process
  • Customize photo organizing and photo management services to your needs
  • Sort things thoughtfully without any pressure to get rid of photo memories or keepsakes
  • Make a concerted effort to use your existing storage supplies, if applicable
  • Recommend and purchase of additional storage solutions, if needed
  • Help build your organizing skills to keep your photos neat and organized

 If you’re ready to button up your home, contact us today.