You’re wondering. We’re answering!

How can Red Button Organizing help me?

Have you ever experienced that moment of panic that starts with the phrase, “Oh no! Where is my…?” Or felt completely overwhelmed when you’ve entered a room in your home or opened a box of disorganized photos? Red Button Organizing can get rid of those overwhelming moments from your life by providing home organizing and storage services as well as your photo organizing and management solutions. 

How is Red Button Organizing different from other professional organizers?

There are two important distinctions that set Red Button Organizing apart from the competition.

  • The first is founder Gabrielle Watters-Smith’s professional affiliations, ongoing professional development and commitment to providing best practices. You can rest assured you are in good hands, as Gabrielle knows the latest organizing techniques and follows a strict code of ethics.
  • Secondly, Red Button Organizing has a unique philosophy, approaching every job with unsurpassed compassion, encouragement, support and understanding.

What’s the significance of the red button anyway?

Red Button Organizing’s founder, Gabrielle Watters-Smith, was always very close with her grandmother—who became the inspiration behind the firm’s name. This grandmotherly muse was an amazingly creative seamstress with an enviable button collection who often challenged her grandchildren to “find the red button.” Her design philosophy was that a great button always made for a memorable outfit.

I’m kind of embarrassed by the clutter in my home. Should I tidy up before my initial meeting with Red Button Organizing?

Absolutely not! It’s important for the Red Button team to understand the real day-to-day challenges in your home. Then they can work with you to deliver manageable, clutter-free spaces and organizing solutions that will bring you peace and pride.

How long will it take to get organized?

Every situation is different—and completely dependent upon how quickly you can make decisions and your level of involvement and commitment to the project. Popular organizing shows on TV are very entertaining…but also very misleading about how long the process can take. Remember that the show’s producers are looking to deliver the before-and-after images in a dramatic way and in a limited amount of programming time.  Another important point to keep in mind is that organizing spaces and managing photos is an ongoing process, even after the job is complete. That’s why Red Button Organizing offers you training to put you back in charge of your personal spaces, belongings, photos and memories.

Can you organize my home and my photos without my involvement?

To create systems that are truly designed to fit the specific needs of you and your family, we really need to work together…at least at the outset of the project. But don’t worry, Red Button Organizing makes the process painless! You’ll be asking yourself why you never did it sooner!

Are you going to make me get rid of things?

No. Red Button Organizing will not pressure or force you to rid yourself of personal belongings, momentos or photos.

My photos are a mess! I’ve got prints and negatives thrown into boxes and a computer file full of random shots. What can Red Button Organizing do to make sense of it all?

No photo collection is too big or too small! Red Button Organizing can help you to organize your digital and print images in a way that tells a story and makes sense. We can provide reliable digital backup services as well as effective storage and display solutions. As well, you’ll learn the photo management skills needed to keep on top of your pictures and images.

How much will this cost?

This is a difficult question to answer because the size and scope of residential organizing and photo management jobs vary so greatly. The best way to determine the cost is to contact us for a professional consultation.

If you’re ready to button up your life, contact us today.